Professional Services

We've all experienced it (Mydatapage Hosting is no exception, too). Your business is growing and expanding at a fast pace, but it is still far too early to hire experts for every area of your operations, because at least for now your most expensive employees would be sitting doing very little.

Mydatapage as a reasonable solution for risky hiring of new employees. We can supply you the experts you need, when you need them. After their job is done, they leave your company and don't appear on your financials anymore.

Perhaps at first you'll offer them a single assignment. Later, if your business keeps growing and they seem suited for the position, you can keep using their services on an on-going basis.

Our Professional Services solution will allow you to be selective with critical appointments: Employ Expert A on a permanent basis, but use our Experts B and C ready to respond until you need a full-time employee.

We, as usual, aim to be as flexible and accommodating as possible. This is how we ensure our reputation for unparalleled customer service. We will be more than happy to use our skills in provided services and add it all to your Service Level Agreement.


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