Advanced Business Connectivity

A phone number for business

Mydatapage assists you with the possibility of having your business to be local, wherever you are! Choose a local number from the variety of more than 60 countries and thousands of area codes around the world and easily direct customer calls to your mobile or landline anywhere in the country.

Automated customer voice greeting

"Thank you for calling! Please press 1 to go directly to the sales department, 2 - for customer service support, etc.". You can record your own customized greeting and point customers to a certain department of your company, or colleagues who will be able to help with on specific question the caller has.

Unlimited call extensions

Your team members and departments may have their own direct phone number extensions (short codes) and different forwarding and voice mail settings. Use a 1-digit short code to communicate with the company's subdivisions and the 3-digit codes for contacting your colleagues/team members. Unlimited number of such extensions is free.

On hold music while waiting for the call to be answered

Great music, which is already in our playlists, as well as any new one that you can upload and use, so that customers would be engaged while waiting for their call to be answered.

Management of calls

Busy line is a thing of the past! Mydatapage makes sure that your team is able to handle all calls, whatever the amount is. No more lost leads and transactions. Now you can handle them all at once.

Voice messages can be sent to your e-mail

It has never been easier to manage your voice messages. All of your voice mail messages are sent directly to you by e-mail in .mp3 file format so you can listen urgently, or send them via e-mail to a person responsible for the topic.

Office hours

Clients are answered with an automated message informing them of your office hours. In addition, customers have the opportunity to leave a voice message even if the call has been made during the out of office hours.

Call register

Call register allows you to identify the caller's phone number or a website. This service is designed specifically for entrepreneurs who have several businesses managed by a single team.

Fax documents sent to your e-mail

It is not necessary to have a fax machine in order to be able to receive fax documents. Mydatapage will forward all of your fax documents directly to your e-mail in a .pdf file format.

Real-time call statistics

You now can monitor real-time voice and messaging statistics with ease. Analyze the call flow and have a full access to other valuable data online.


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