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It is evident that there is a need to lead more sustainable lives. More and more companies seek to reduce carbon footprint and increase energy efficiency – our customers are not an exception. Therefore we try to join this cause and maintain the quality of or services so that everybody would be satisfied.

Our wish to join the green initiative is honest and genuine.In order to decrease carbon footprint we invest in the improvement of business processes and technology.

mydatapage activity was environmentally friendly since the beginning. We were among the first green-hosting service providers in the market and we continue to provide the greenest services available.

Not many people understand the scale of effect that web hosting industry has on the environment. For example, a data center consumes as much electricity as 30 000 households. Or, to put it another way, each year web hosting services produce 12,5 tons of CO2. And that is an extremely large amount of carbon dioxide!

Each year the average person produces 12 tons of carbon dioxide simply by driving a car, using PC and performing household chores with electrical appliances. Such amounts of CO2 emission are one of the reasons why we stay true to our green-hosting policy.

MYDATAPAGE hosts web services for customers on highly reliable "green" Dell servers. They produce 20% less CO2 and remaining 80% are involved in a tree planting project aimed to neutralize our effect on the environment.

Carbon-free hosting offered by MYDATAPAGE helps your company to decrease carbon footprint and become more environmentally friendly. We invite you to take a step further and purchase green energy certificates from our website. The money received will be used to plant more trees and you in return will receive a green badge to use in your website – to show that your company cares about the environment.


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