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Thank you for visiting our pre-sales Frequently Asked Questions page! We sincerely hope that these answers will help you. If there are other questions or comments that you have, please feel free to contact us – we will be happy to assist you!

It is a service that allows the uploading and storing of customer's documents and files on our web servers. This way documents and files become accessible via the Internet for everyone to see.
There are few differences between these two hostings, but let's start with domain names. Using the website hosting services of mydatapage you can use the domain name you choose (provided it is not occupied), while with free hosting the main domain name is already preset and you can only add your name to it (e. g. "https://hostingexample.com/yourname/"…). Besides, when using free hosting services you are usually required to place ads on your website. Another thing – with mydatapage hosting you have more disk space and bandwidth, while with free services the disk space and bandwidth are usually limited. So, when you have more space, you can host more files and receive more visitors to your site. Finally, mydatapage hosting gives you the ability to make your website more functional with databases, scripts, etc.
First of all, you have to know what is the purpose of your website. For instance, if you plan to publish many images and videos, you will need more disk space. Maybe you expect a lot of traffic to your site? Then you'll need extra bandwidth. Are CGI, PHP and MySQL functionalities necessary? Choose a hosting plan that includes these.
It will happen immediately. After the account set up, you will receive login and FTP information. However, you will probably be unable to upload files for the first 24 hours because of the domain propagation.
First of all, you need an FTP program to do this. You can use free online programs, such as CuteFTP or WS_FTP. You can also use a browser to upload your files. All you have to do is type in the FTP address of your domain, fill in the login info and that's it – you can upload your files.
The individual files can be called whatever you like. Yet the main page according to internet conventions must be named index.* or default.*. This page will be the first thing visitors see when they come to your site.
Yes, it is! In our website hosting plan we include thorough website statistics, including visitors per day and per month, website referrers, visitors from search engines, as well as the keywords that brought them to your website. The statistics is available in graphic charts, so it would be easier to read them.
Of course! There are no limitations or additional charges for hosting several domains on one account. You can choose for each domain to have separate content or all the domains direct to the same site. The client has the control – you have an account and choose how to use it.
We guarantee understandable and fast support. There are many ways to receive support: ticketing, FAQ, support forum or online chat. Besides, support can be accessed via customer's Control panel. There is no need to visit our website each time you need help. What is more – we provide support 24/7/365.
The types of payment accepted are various, including PayPal, credit Card or online banking services. However, we recommend either PayPal or Credit Card.
We require to pay in advance. The frequency can be every three, six or twelve months.
The hosting plans at mydatapage include the reliability of dedicated server and exclude extra charges or unnecessary management hassle. It is very easy to create an excellent website with our secure redundant and clustered web hosting platform with built-in enterprise class technology.
No, we do not! The price listed on our website is final.
Of course. We don't censor the content of our customers sites because we believe in freedom of speech. Yet we don't allow illegal content to be on our servers. Generally child pornography, terrorism, propagation of war, discrimination of people are considered illegal content and we urge you to abstain of placing such information on our servers.
Yes, the domain is yours as we do not lock them. You can fully control the domain name that belongs to you.
There are no limitations or additional costs for several domains. We differ from other hosts, as they charge extra fees for more than one domain name.
This is unlikely to happen as we will inform you about reaching the limits in advance. And of course, we can make a special agreement to increase your limits temporarily.
It is possible to cancel an account at any time. The customer has to submit a support ticket using their Control panel with a statement of account cancellation. It is helpful for us to know the reason of cancelling because it can serve for improving our services.


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