About us

Mydatapage was created by server administrator enthusiasts, who have at least 5 years of experience. Mydatapage division, powered by passion, persistence and belief, brought a refreshingly different attitude and approach. Instead of prevailing high-cost telco models, unnecessary bureaucracy and slow response times Mydatapage Hosting offered a better solution that is affordable, simple and fast. Straightforward contracts and excellent employees allow to provide customers what is needed without delay. The market responded accordingly. However, access to the internet was just the beginning for the company and its clients.

Responding to today's business needs

Nowadays business on the internet has evolved far from its humble roots. The internet now is critical for business operations and personal lives, encompassing everything from e-commerce and state-of-the-art data applications to online communities and gaming. However, for many businesses the growing complexity of the web meant increasing frustration and missed opportunities. Many companies have faced such challenges like too few resources, not enough expertise or limited time. There are countless important issues to address and resolve, including hardware handling, security needs, firewalls, support, backup strategies, disaster recovery. Just allow Mydatapage Hosting to deal with these challenges and spend your time on focusing on more important business issues. Mydatapage provides reliable, global solutions for all.

Mydatapage Hosting offers a wide range of internet infrastructure solutions to companies all over the world. All our solutions are delivered over reliable FastFiber Network. Mydatapage Hosting can offer scalable solutions to companies of any size and history – from start-ups to reputable multinational businesses. We can handle all the needs our customers might have – from colocation and managed hosting to dedicated servers and cloud.

The growth and success of our business depend on our main principles – providing exceptional value, keeping things fast and simple and understanding that our customers benefit from our ability to allow them to focus on their business by taking away the challenges and complexities of the internet.


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