Hosted Microsoft Dynamics Top 10 Reasons to Use

Microsoft Dynamics CRM used with Microsoft Office Outlook becomes a powerful tool a tool where you can manage not only business communications, but also customer information. Microsoft Office collaboration and messaging client is a leading platform to communicate with customers. Microsoft Dynamic CRM makes Outlook a wonderful tool to manage customer information. All data, including sales call and lead information, as well as marketing pitches, will be accessible in one centralized place.

Dynamics CRM from Microsoft is linked with Excel – this makes decision-making process easier. You will be able to turn customer information into PivotChart dynamic snapshots or views. This will show how increased sales or business expansion can benefit your company.

Streamlined and standardized processes increase operational efficiency. The adaptive work-flow engine of Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps automate mundane business processes. It is a method to make boring, but important work like repetitive tasks, e-mail sending to customers and partners or notification about unsolved client problems easier.

Simple customization feature allows Dynamic CRM to adapt to your company's needs. You don't need special knowledge – it is easy to design and modify forms, relationship links and customer views.

Particular people need particular information. Make sure that your employees gain access to the right information. Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows employees to access that information via Outlook Web Access or Outlook.

Always target marketing campaigns to the right customers. Dynamics CRM from Microsoft includes a marketing automation feature, that allows you to facilitate various tasks, such as target marketing campaigns to certain customers, create lead and client lists, ensure follow-up marketing and measure the results of marketing campaigns.

Ensure higher customer satisfaction with simplified service planning. The hardest task that top-level customer service has to tackle is to ensure that there are no disappointed customers due to missed calls or appointments. Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides you with a comprehensive centralized view of employee calendars and client requests. This makes the allocation of employees to certain clients easier.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is easy to integrate with current systems and helps avoid cluttering the information storage. mydatapage Hosted CRM uses Microsoft .NET Framework to utilize the power of Web services. With this advanced technology it is possible to connect separate legacy business systems and applications.

Enhanced off-line communication all over the globe. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM you will be productive not only in your work place, but also anywhere in the world, even without a connection to the network. Information filters will allow employees to receive only important information, e.g. meeting updates or sales numbers.

Utilize SQL Server Reporting Services to create extensive business reports. It is a powerful analytical business tool. Microsoft Dynamics CRM reporting engine smoothly integrates with Microsoft SQL server, allowing employees to generate comprehensive business reports for easier decision-making.


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