Network Operations Center (NOC)

Our First Call Promise solution means that there are no queues or waiting times – your issues will be resolved immediately, any time, by a highly qualified analyst. In case the issue demands further expertise, our escalation protocol sends your issue to a team of senior engineers within ten minutes. Our regular Network Operations Center (NOC) employees are required to sit in on the case as part of their on-going training. Our proprietary monitoring software polls every aspect of the network every two seconds, while other companies may require as much as five minutes. We resolve most issues even before you call.

The NOC's real-time traffic analyzer constantly checks the traffic everywhere on our FastFiber Network and instantly alerts in case any anomalous traffic patterns occur. This sharpens our response to DOS attacks and decreases the risk of collateral damage. This passionate commitment to service standards confirms Mydatapage Network Operations Center's reputation as a benchmark for the industry.


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