Cloud Desktop + mdpZERO is significantly more efficient work

After the installation of the Cloud Desktop + mdpZERO solution, you will be able to connect to the server or the cloud using your unique login details.

When connected to a Windows desktop, you will be able to use all your assigned programs and resources. This may be the Microsoft Office suite, accounting software, databases, design or project management programs, etc.

You will have your own personal desktop that you can configure according to your desired need - in the same way as you do now in your Windows environment on your computer.

Also, mydatapage team can move all desktops and data from all currently used computers to the server.

Cloud Desktop + mdpZERO benefits:

  • The company converts the fixed costs into a variable costs - you can always cancel part of services if the cash flow has decreased or to completely cancel all services at once, thus avoiding investment losses. These funds may be used directly to increase cash flow;

  • No need to frequently update personal computers - job-related resources can be increased or reduced quickly by the need in a few minutes;

  • Users only use the standard company software - it is easier to manage the entire IT infrastructure;

  • Data is stored centrally in a all technical requirements corresponding data center;

  • It is easier to ensure the backup copies - this is done centrally, there are no missing copied data;

  • It's easier to manage users - connect, disconnect from the network or to grant certain rights;

  • Better protect your company from information leakage - you can control who copied what;

  • Ability to work from anywhere, if such rights are granted - the user when logged in always sees his desktop, regardless of the device.

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