What is mdpZERO?

mdpZERO this mini device for connecting to remote virtual workplaces (DaaS) that are located in mydatapage data centers. mdpZERO allows you to connect to the mdp server or the cloud (the system is designed only to enter and display information from the server or the cloud), it can be used for work with files and programs that are on the server or the cloud as if they were on your computer. One workplace only requires 3-4 Mb/s internet connection.

7 Eur/month

mdpZERO mini device price is only 7Eur/month. This is an opportunity to avoid the freezing of large investments when buying standard computers.

There is no need to update

mdpZERO does not require updating as they update automatically when the new update is released.

Maintenance free

mdpZERO operating system does not require maintenance as the company does not require internal IT maintenance.

Lan to lan connectivity

Computer networks that are in different locations are immediately connected into a single network.

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