Use Cases

Since nowadays IT applications and environments are very complex, you might need a customized hosting solution – and we are ready to satisfy this need. We have the necessary scalable high-capacity network, flexible infrastructure configurations and a wide range of performance and security features. We specialize in providing custom managed hosting solutions for mission-critical initiatives. We support a variety of platforms and applications, focusing on excellent uptime and performance. Below we have listed several examples of customized hosting solutions that can be created just for you.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Any SaaS application is based on security, uptime, application performance and scalability. Our technical expertise allows SaaS providers to grow at a rapid pace without decreasing performance and increasing costs.


Redundant infrastructure will keep your applications and websites up and running all the time. Mydatapage will help you create a customized environment that will guarantee security and data availability.


E-commerce means that you have to be open for business 24/7. Although it is easier said than done, Mydatapage can guarantee this with a compliant and scalable architecture.


It can be difficult to meet and maintain industrial, governmental and/or regulatory requirements. Mydatapage has the best security and compliance solutions in the industry, allowing you to be prepared for any type of audit.


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