Hosted Microsoft SharePoint Advantages

With Microsoft SharePoint 2016, a powerful cooperative tool, users will effortlessly create, build and manage their shared websites.

Increase productivity with simple and efficient tools

Allow employees to access information and data they require. You can create shared workspaces, manage documents, receive important updates and notifications, administer calendars and use templates to create wikis and blogs. And when you go mobile, you can use offline synchronization features.

Effortlessly manage information and integrate content

With Microsoft SharePoint 2016 it is easy to integrate content stored on shared websites – it offers superior document management features (possibility to checkout documents prior to editing included), ability to view modified documents and restore former versions and document-level security option.

Quick and easy to learn

Microsoft SharePoint 2016 has an improved user interface that allows easy navigation among and inside SharePoint sites. Ability to integrate with other tools, such as Microsoft Office suite, helps users to master SharePoint 2016 quickly and easily. It is possible to manage workspaces, create and edit documents, view and administer calendars on SharePoint sites while working within Microsoft Office suite programs.

Apply solutions that suit your business processes

Although it is easy to implement basic workspaces in SharePoint 2013, those wishing for a more tailored solution can apply templates created for particular business processes and tasks.

Effortlessly create a shared environment

Microsoft SharePoint 2016 is easily managed and scaled, therefore IT staff can quickly and effortlessly create a shared environment. Because of adjustable settings, planning requires less time, making a fast start even easier.

Easily secured business information

SharePoint from Microsoft has built-in advanced administrative controls to easily increase the security of information and documents without extra cost and elaboration related to site management and support. Use superior controls to manage site's life-cycle, permissions, accounts and storage limitations.

Use high-end controls to secure your resources

It is now possible to secure information in document and item level. Based on such parameters, teams and work groups can perform tasks and create shared workspaces. These new features allow IT staff to ascribe certain policies to users, groups and site administrators.

Easy document sharing features

SharePoint workspaces have file storage and retrieval features: check-in and check-out functionality, custom meta-data, adjustable views and version history. There are new SharePoint features that improve recycle bin functionality for easier information recovery, better restoration and backup.

Scale collaboration solution according to your needs

SharePoint 2016 can be quickly and effortlessly configured and managed via command-line or Web browser. You can manage servers, sites and server farms with Microsoft .NET Framework that offers various tailored and third-party administration solutions.

Use economical base to create Web-based applications

SharePoint 2016 by Microsoft offers a document management and collaboration framework that allows you to create scalable and flexible Web-based applications and websites according to the needs of your company. Possibility to integrate with SharePoint Server 2013 adds other capabilities to manage records, perform searches, administer workflows, custom sites, portals, etc.


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