Hosted ERP Overview

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software systems encompass various systems in the entire enterprise so that any data could be easily accessed by all involved parties in the sales system, from lead generation to shipment. These systems are very efficient and flexible. They guarantee high investment returns, improved efficiency and decreased expenses.

Since ERP systems require more than one server, companies now tend to shift to hosted or cloud based ERP systems. Hosted ERP have a lot of advantages:

  • Lesser initial investments on costly ERP systems
  • Quick implementation and deployment
  • Set fees allow to better manage your budget
  • Reduced resource requirements on IT staff
  • Ability to control any changes and updates to the system

With hosted or cloud based ERP systems it is advisable to avoid storing your important data in a shared or public environment. Mydatapage offers you private or hybrid cloud environments to host your front-end terminal servers or thin clients and back-end database servers.

Hosted ERP software systems require a certain level of security that can only be provided by such companies as Mydatapage. Advanced features, e.g. managed dedicated firewalls, will stop any security breaches before they occur. Intrusion detection and managed security features allow you to stop any threats before they stop your business. Our dedicated application security packages include vulnerability scanning, web application firewalls, managed firewalls, log management, managed IDS, managed IPS, SSL VPN remote users and file integrity management.


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