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We as most best companies employ only well-educated and experienced staff, that is why we hire only those who have at least 5 years of experience in their field of expertise. System administrators and support team in our company have a wide range of experience in various business levels; the teams here are very solid.

Since our employees have certificates from the industry leaders, our clients and partners are confident in working with us. We try to cooperate with many different organisations so that we would constantly have direct access to everything that is needed for our clients: knowledge, skills, technologies, etc.

Reliable, Expert Employees

Everything we offer relies on the right employees – real people with exceptional spirit. The employees of Mydatapage Hosting from London to Kiev, from Stockholm to Athens are what we call a special breed. We employ only the best of the best and empower them to make decisions that will help your business run smoothly.

We encourage our employees to step into the client's shoes, use their best judgment to resolve challenges, get creative and step outside the box. We never hesitate – we roll up our sleeves and get to business. The employees at Mydatapage Hosting can make anything happen even if they have to deal with problems without prior notice or use their skills to anticipate and prevent issues.

We're really passionate about service and love helping customers use the internet to bring people and ideas together for the better future.


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