OFFICE 365 Features

Email Encryption

State-of-the-art encryption to protect sensitive and confidential data.

Large 50GB Mailboxes

50GB of email storage per user and 150MB attachement for business continuty.

Mailbox Security

Mailbox and user settings to prevent unwanted forwards and attachements.

Anti-Spam/ Anti-Malware

Premier anti-malware & anti-spam protection is built-in to every mailbox at no additional cost.

Mydatapage Control Panel

Intuitive controls for easy setup of encryption and permissions.

Free Email Migration

Worry-free email planning and migration at no additional cost.

Addtional Features


Shared Calendars - Share your calendar or view other's calendars, making scheduling a breeze

Shared Contacts - Share contacts with colleagues for easy communications

Public Folders – Collect, organize, and share information with colleagues

Inbox Management - Keep your mailbox clean with clutter

Outlook App - Compatible with the latest Outlook app for ios and Android


Message Encryption - Ensure email is ready ONLY by the intended recipient

Information Rights Management - Policy based permission rules to prevent unwanted sharing of data

MS Office Integration - Protect data stored in documents, spreadsheets, and slide-decks

SharePoint Compatible - Enhance SharePoint permissions with information rights management

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