Managed Backup

mydatapage Managed Backup Service allows you to save time and money. Your files will be regularly and automatically backed up and stored on a redundant, centralized storage array housed in one of our safe advanced data centers. This automated regular backup process will protect your data from power failures, human error.

Off-Site Backup

An effective and automatic data back-up is always a useful feature. It's even better to store the backed-up data in a safe off-site location that is always accessible for recovery. mydatapage off-site backup services will ensure that your files and images are safely stored away and physically separated from your server equipment.

Backup Server

Some applications require a more adjustable, customized data protection and restoration. mydatapage Continuous Data Protection Center is suitable for those who require backup on several servers, larger storage space, more control over the management of backup processes or data isolation from other users.

Backup Arrays

Continuous business success depends on a reliable storage solution. Since the amount of critical data inevitably increases, dedicated storage space will free up your primary server and safeguard your company from accidental data loss. This is especially relevant if you share data across locations or have streaming video or backup files and images.


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