What is cloud desktop?

All of us, just by turning on a computer, see a Windows desktop screen, where all most frequently used programs can be seen. Normally, all of these programs are on your computer. However, through the development of technology and internet becoming faster, your Windows desktop does not necessarily have to be on your computer.

Your desktop, along with all of your programs can be placed on a secure data center and you can have the ability to connect to your desktop from a mobile phone, tablet or a mdpZERO device. This service allows you to use only what you need and pay for as much as you've used. Cloud desktop allows you to completely renounce any investments for the company's employees computers. When using the remote Cloud desktop, you will use your files and programs that are stored in a secure data center as if they were on your own computer. You will no longer have the necessity to be at your workplace in order to access all of your data.

The service is intended for the use of both companies and private persons, as well as public institutions.

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