Cloud desktop benefits


Professional data center top-level security protection against viruses and unauthorized logins is guaranteed.

Backup copies

All of your information backup copies are made regularly and rapid information recovery is guaranteed.


You will no longer need to invest in expensive software, as it will be using it only as much as you need. If necessary, part of services can be cancelled at any time.


If you suddenly need more workplaces or resources, it can be done in just a few minutes. Typically in IT takes few days to be done.

Unified workplaces

Lower maintenance costs, fast computer replacement and easy installation of new systems.

Your computers on a single network

All of your workplaces that are in different locations are automatically connected into a single network. There is no need to buy expensive individual interconnection services.

Your IT system will be maintained by the best-qualified data center IT professionals, what would be costly to employ them yourself.

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