Cloud Server Advantages


IT resources are adaptable to your needs. Pay-per-use flexible payment policy, paid only for the time resources are used. Dynamic service according to existing customers allows to quickly increase the scope of services.

Low risk – in case of decrease in business scope or calculated resource requirements - reduction of the scope of the services is simple.


Microsoft Windows Hyper-V cloud technology not only supports multiple processors and cores, but also provides better access to the memory in cloud servers. Therefore users can vertically scale the cloud computing environment.

This environment can support several cloud servers in any host and leverage fast migration for scalability in the host.

High availability

Cloud solutions ensure high system availability, guarantee the stability of not less than 99.98% per year operation with mydatapage cloud solutions.

Improved architecture

Microsoft Windows Hyper-V 64-bit micro-kernelized Hypervisor server core architecture enables a vast range of support methods for high-level performance and security.

Fault tolerance

Tolerance for failures – Cloud solutions are helpful in case of server failures. If one of the servers fails, processing is automatically moved to another physical server.

Network load balancing

Microsoft Windows Hyper-V cloud has virtual switch features that enable easy configuration to run together with NLB services. This is how the load is balanced in all virtual machines that run on different servers.

Control panel

mydatapage provides a user friendly web based account administration interface to manage your cloud servers.


SMP is an ability to support four symmetric multiprocessors in one virtual environment. Users can use multi-threaded applications provided by this technology.

Cloud server snapshot

mydatapage users can take snapshots of an operating machine. Thanks to this process users can easily go back to the earlier state. It also improves data back-up and recoverability.


With mydatapage interfaces and APIs in cloud platform, individual software developers and vendors can quickly and efficiently create custom enhancements, tools and utilities for the cloud platform.

Extensive Operating system support

Microsoft Windows Hyper-V supports various platforms, including Linux, Windows, etc. that run both on 32 and 64-bit systems.


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