Cloud vs In house

Cloud computing means that resources are available over the internet. Usually these resources, provided in the form of a service, are highly virtualized and extensible. Resources mostly consist of infrastructure, platforms and applications. In-house computing means maintaining all resources locally. Many companies still rely on this approach, although more advanced users switch to cloud computing as it proves to be much more cost efficient.

What is Cloud Computing?

Essentially, cloud computing is a new technology to deliver various resources over the internet as services. Those who deliver it are called service providers and those, who use it, are called the subscribers. Usually subscribers pay for subscription on a per-use basis.
Cloud computing can be divided into several categories according to the type of provided services: SaaS (Software as a Service; the main resources made available are software applications), PaaS (Platform as Service; providers deliver a computing platform or a solution stack to their clients), IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service; hardware infrastructure is made available as the main resource) and DaaS (Desktop as a Service; offers a whole desktop experience, also known as desktop virtualization or hosted desktop).

What is In-house Computing?

In-house computing means that all resources are stored and maintained locally by users. Until recently in-house network computing was the only available means of sharing resources. For instance, a company that chooses in-house computing, will have to buy, install and maintain all hardware, including servers. They will also need to install required applications in all company's computers. Usually there will be dedicated IT specialists to maintain the whole computing system. With dramatically increasing internet speeds and IT specialists become scarce this IT infrastructure technology is swiftly replaced with more cost efficient cloud infrastructure technology.

Differences between In-house and Cloud Computing

Compared with in-house computing, cloud computing has many benefits. First of all, it is cheaper because of one time initial setup fees and fixed maintenance costs while in-house computing might increase in cost year after year. Besides, cloud computing is highly scalable. Maintaining an in-house staff for computing facilities is not only expensive but also troublesome and cloud computing always comes with expert support and a set of applications and systems.

Cloud computing makes your IT resources much more efficient as you do not have to maintain numerous copies of many pieces of software in-house. Your risks of loosing vital information are reduced as cloud services by mydatapage offer routine automatic back-up copies of all your data.

Cloud computing allows IT specialists to concentrate on important tasks rather than wasting time on hardware malfunctions or other similar problems. With cloud computing companies can link their mobile or geographically dispersed employees more easily. Furthermore, cloud computing highly decreases time-to-market.


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