mdpZERO benefits

Maintenance free

mdpZERO does not require any maintenance as all of your programs are only held in the data center.

There is no need to update

mdpZERO do not need updating as they update automatically after a mdpZERO update is released.

No licenses

mdpZERO is free, therefore the is no need to care about licenses.

There are no rotating parts

There are no parts that would move. This greatly extends the service life of the equipment.

Uses very little energy

mdpZERO uses up to 90% less energy than a standard desktop computer.

There is no need to take care for security

The data transmission between mdpZERO and your desktop is encrypted. The data cannot even be read by the engineers that are maintaining the servers in the data center.

Your IT system is maintained by the best-qualified data center IT professionals, what would be costly to employ yourself.

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