Microsoft Dynamics CRM FAQ

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Basically, Microsoft Dynamics CRM hosting is a Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) system. It allows you to manage all contacts, accounts, opportunities and prospects and provides a possibility to oversee company's activity in detail. This browser-based system allows you to facilitate many manual tasks, including communication with customers and data tracking.
First, you need to sign up for the service. CRM Service will be immediately available via Internet Explorer browser from any place. You will also gain a possibility to use Outlook Connector Tool free of charge – you will be able to synchronize data in CRM with Outlook.
You need a basic PC connected to the internet. After you sign up for the service, mydatapage will send you a Welcome Letter. After that you will be able to use CRM Service at once.
Yes, it is easy to integrate CRM with Outlook via Outlook Connector.
Each CRM customer receives Outlook Connector free of charge. It will provide you with an access to Dynamics CRM via Outlook and help synchronize Outlook with Dynamics CRM smoothly and automatically!
Yes, with an internet connection and Internet Explorer you will be able to view Dynamics CRM from any location.
Yes, it is possible to synchronize contacts stored in Dynamics CRM with mobile devices. There are several different ways. The first is the easiest – use free Outlook CRM plug-in to synchronize contacts from Dynamics CRM to Outlook. This way you will be able to synchronize Outlook to your mobile device with hosted Microsoft Exchange. The second way is more powerful – use MobileAccess service from our partner TenDigits Software. MobileAccess transfers almost anything from CRM directly to your smartphone! MobileAccess guarantees excellent usability, security and productivity.
Of course! You can send emails from various sources (e.g. Outlook or web browser) to separate contacts or even send emails to multiple contacts, for instance, during marketing campaigns.
Yes, Dynamics CRM is entirely customizable. Customize the system according to your needs using drag and drop interface.
If you need, mydatapage specialists can link Exchange servers to CRM servers. This will allow you to send emails to your contacts straight from your web browser!


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